I have started my career as a professional Noh player for 45 years at KOMPARU RYU.

Today the world has a hot eyes on Japan, including the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and the Osaka Expo in 2025. An era has come to create and disseminate new values ​​to this chaotic world from Asia and the East, centering on Japan. That would be achieved by Japanese traditional culture, where our KOMPARU-RYU (Komparu School) can play fundamental big role there.

In the near future, young generation of “Samurai” and “Yamato Nadeshiko” will show up actively in the new era, having firm identity of Japan with equipped global sensitivity, cooperativeness and respect to other countries. I am convinced that our Noh play, KOMPARU-RYU (Komparu School) can convey the concept of the fundamental.   

KOMPARU-RYU (Komparu School) will bring the concept of “Tenka Taihei (the world enjoys the peace”) and the “Jufuku-no-Kokoro” (heart of longevity) to the world.   I want to convey that precious mind to all over the world.

Tsunao Yamai 
Noh player